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"Know thyself, love thyself, and others"

Kinya Shakur Travis is an actress, wife and mother who believes that children are our greatest investment.  She also believes that in order to maximize their potential, it's imperative that they know the full value of self.

This was an obstacle for any child of color growing up in the mid-late 80's including Kinya who felt inundated with glamorous yet non-relatable images presented by America's pop culture.  

Today, Kinya credits her strong sense of self to her parents for introducing her to cultural specific books and toys that explored great people in history who share her own skin as well as life experiences. 

Kinya's goal with this series is to connect the world through the eyes of a child.  "Hate is spawned by ignorance...the best cure for ignorance is knowledge."

the author

​Victorianne Phoenix